Besides serving the needs of home-educated children and our elite sports players, part-time education is available at Chiswick Bridge (Dukes Meadows) for other pupils who require a flexible approach to their education.

Our small, nurturing environment and exceptional teaching team have served the needs of pupils who, for example…

- Have been ill and need a part-time solution to support their integration back into school.
- Have moved from overseas and are preparing to take up a school place
- Are at school but require additional support with certain subjects. In these cases, we work closely with school.
- Are dyslexic and require greater input into their GCSE English and Maths than school can provide.

Laidlaw Education has created a comprehensive daytime education programme offering a range of subjects up to GCSE and A-level. Situated in the purpose-built education rooms at Chiswick Bridge (Dukes Meadows), each child follows a tailor-made programme depending on their requirements.

The classrooms at Dukes Meadows

The classrooms at Dukes Meadows

Each subject is taught by a member of our team of specialist tutors whose priority is to find the particular approach that will trigger confidence, enthusiasm and involvement in each child. Tailoring the style of teaching and the pace of work to each child helps to boost their self-esteem and enjoyment of learning.


“The transformation in A, in what amounts to four terms, is amazing: from the boy with his head down on the desk, with zero self-esteem, to a happy, confident child who enjoys learning and takes pride in his achievements.”


We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you find solutions. Please call us on 020 8487 9517 or email us: support@laidlaweducation.co.uk