Please see below for our cancellation policies, notice periods, privacy and safeguarding policies and other important information.

After School / Saturday Tuition

The notice period required for termination of lessons is half a term. Notice must be received by the first week of that half of term.

Lessons cancelled within 48 hours are forfeited

Lessons cancelled with the required 48 hours notice will not be refunded but are put on a catch-up list. We will make every effort to offer an alternative lesson, however this cannot be guaranteed. Please provide as much notice as possible as this facilitates the catch-up process for all.

Dukes Meadow Daytime

Notice period for termination of lessons is one term. Notice must be received by the first day of term.

Payment of fees - termly fees are due for payment by the first day of term.

On leaving, any deposit paid (where applicable) will be returned to you at the beginning of the term following the pupil’s last term, as long as all fees are paid up to date.


Our Christ Church venue is registered in the voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare Register. The voluntary register applies to settings, like ours, that are not required to be registered with Ofsted, but belonging to the voluntary register gives parents the reassurance that we comply with certain policies and standards.

Full details of the registration requirements can be found on the Ofsted website.

Ofsted address: Piccadilly Gate, Store Street. Manchester M1 2WD.


“Thank you for supporting me through all the different assessments and meetings both practically and emotionally! It has been such a help to have someone who listens and offers such good advice.”


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