Our experienced, highly-qualified and dedicated team of teachers deliver their lessons to the highest standards. They have the depth of skill necessary to be sensitive to your child’s needs and are perceptive in understanding the approach to adopt for each individual.

The teaching team possesses a wealth of experience of both primary and secondary education systems, and what is needed for your child to succeed. All of our programmes comply with the National Curriculum where relevant and all of our teachers have an up-to-date Enhanced DBS Check.

A major part of our approach is to create a happy and creative environment for our pupils to learn in.

Laidlaw teachers work in partnership with pupils and their parents/guardians to encourage self-discovery, break down any barriers to learning and help children reach their potential.


A big thank you to all of you at Laidlaw Education, especially the calm and wonderful tutor.


We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help you find solutions. Please call us on 020 8487 9517 or email us: support@laidlaweducation.co.uk